A Customized Experience

Chris believes in taking the extra time with his clients to understand their unique needs and wants – so with each presentation, he enters into an in depth needs analysis to ensure he is delivering EXACTLY what your business requires.


The Black Box Method

Keynote and Training Workshop preparation includes a rigorous Black Box process to uncover the unvarnished truth – what is actually happening in the field. It was developed while working with a cross-section of Fortune 500 companies and associations in diverse industries to reveal the most critical areas for improving your team.

In confidential interviews, your employees share their best practices, why products or services are successful, why others are failing, excuses that get used, and issues that they are often uncomfortable discussing with their boss. This information is collected, reviewed, and integrated in to your customized training program.

Armed with your custom stories, insights and best practices, Chris engages the minds and hearts of your people from the stage. Audiences quickly realize Chris “get’s” their world.

A 4-Phase Process

Phase 1:
Mapping Success

What does success look like for you? Preparation begins by asking you what you want participants to Think, Feel, Say and Do. What do you want them to be thinking when the program is complete? How do you want them to feel? What would you like them turning to their neighbour and saying? What is a call-to-action at the conclusion, that you want them to do?

Phase 2:
3x3x3 Interviews

Chris engages in 9 personal 1-on-1 interviews – interviews with three different employees at three different levels of the organization, uncovering industry and company specific acronyms, vernacular, product faults, excuses, fears, motivations, beliefs about product, competition, and what makes them proud of their role and the organization.

Phase 3:
Review & Distillation

Reviewing the Success Map, 3x3x3 results and additional research, Chris distills best practices, stories and segments to build your customized program. Reviews include 3x3x3 Diagnostic Interviews, your marketing materials, competitive intelligence research, product knowledge, industrial landscape, leadership philosophy, customer perceptions and recruiting tactics.

Phase 4:
Deliver the “WOW!”

To WOW an audience, Chris delivers a balance of training and humour reaching in to the heart of the audience with stories uncovered from this Black Box Preparation. Chris empowers your audience to change the way they react and interact. His powerful combination of training, inspiration and observational humor ensures your message lands right where it needs to land.